About Me

This site is simply my interpretation of the TRUTH that I have gathered on my 20 years to reclaim the JOY within me. The journey requires me to lay shame and secrecy down over and over and to pick up my true identity each and every day. I’m a work in progress, but then again God’s not finished with me yet.

On the emotional side of things, I’m excited to shout it from the roof tops and deeply saddened and silenced at the same time that I finally feel worthy of putting myself out there online for all to judge or praise (let’s take the ladder please.) I’ve been decades procrastinating. What took me so long? What’s taking you so long? I guess I was waiting for perfection to smack me upside the head. One day I realized it never would. Nobody’s perfect! I was so exhausted trying to convince others around me that I had it altogether. Honestly ladies, It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, we are ALL a mess behind closed doors with no makeup and messy buns at some point in our lives. With that said, this site is not meant to focus on the mess but the masterpeice you truly are even in the midst of your mess. That is true joy!

The more practical side about me is simple. I am the wife of one incredibly patient and handsome man, the mother of 3 hilarious, kind-hearted kids and an unbridled lover of Jesus, the savior of my soul. I am a deeply wounded woman who knows there’s more to life than skinny jeans and being popular (and that doesn’t just mean in high school anymore)! I don’t drink coffee or eat bacon but I can gobble up loads of chocolate almonds and cauliflower pizza.

I LOVE to serve locally and internationally in Nicaragua and would love to get better at my broken Spanglish. I LOVE to speak to crowds, the bigger the better for my audience of one.

I LOVE to read and write although most of it is simply for my own sake or to leave behind for my next generation.

I LOVE to garden in the crazy Texas weather although it doesn’t love me back. 

I LOVE to show others how forgiveness truly is the answer to freedom and reclaiming their JOY within.

So stick around and check back for new video and stories from the heart or tips to keep your sanity. I’m here for you! You are the reason I can’t sleep at night as I feel the nudge to share the happenings of my life because I know someone out there somewhere may just stumble upon it and find joy because of it. I know because it happened to me.

About Me

About Me