Real food technology solutions are a big part of my life! As a young adult I had so many struggles regarding feeling great and achieving wellness before I began a supplement regimen. Honestly, I was the epitome of a hot mess. However, after 19 years of researching and speaking out on this topic, I can confidently say, that we simply cannot get what we need in our day-to-day diet from the grocery store… especially if we shop the inner isles full of boxed, chemical filled processed foods.

Might I point out that the first three letters in diet are D-I-E! I want to live and live to the fullest so I give my body what it needs and treat it like the temple it was created to be. As we live in a bountiful space with many choices here in America there is a travesty in this nutrition subject that goes unspoken most days. There are MILLIONS of children dying each year from malnutrition. Read that sentence again. They are getting rice and grain based food but how nutritionally dense is it?

Our mission M5M is to link 5 million consumers with 5 million children and give hope to children around the globe. In doing so we hope to combat the effects of global malnutrition by providing food sourced supplements to children in need. Currently, we are feeding over 100,000 children in 90 countries from Guatemala to South Africa! I was blessed to personally deliver a big box of PhytoBlend to One Child Matters organization in Jinotega, Nicaragua and again in Guatemala! Knowing these kids will receive better nutrition because I shared my supplement knowledge with someone for work inspires me to keep moving forward with my passion of feeding the kids!

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